This Inexpensive Tool Could Revolutionize Employee Satisfaction
This Inexpensive Tool Could Revolutionize Employee Satisfaction

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This Inexpensive Tool Could Revolutionize Employee Satisfaction

Whether you oversee educators, service technicians, a warehouse team, or retail workers, employee satisfaction is one of your top priorities. Wanting an engaged and productive team is the goal of good management, or at least is should be.

There are countless research articles concluding that happier employees directly contribute to a better bottom line. Most notably, the September 2015 issue of Personnel Review (Vol. 44, Issue 6) notes that overall employee satisfaction clearly links to better company financial metrics, including overall operating margin and revenue per employee. But the question is, how do you improve employee satisfaction? If you're not able to provide large-scale changes or revamp your company's benefits package, there are small, inexpensive changes you can implement right now to directly impact your workplace culture. Enter the utility cart.

Original Tubster multifunctional utility carts

Is it really possible that a service cart could revolutionize your workplace? Could you see results after spending just a few hundred dollars? When you consider the longterm effects of a rolling utility cart, it's more likely than you think.

Role Affirming

Think about when you feel your best at work. Probably safe to assume it's when you are fulfilling the duties of your role, completing tasks effectively, and seeing a direct correlation between the things you do and the success of the company as a whole. That feeling is universal among all employees in a corporation, regardless of their job type or status. Making an employee understand his or her value directly impacts their self-worth and confidence. And when an employee feels worthwhile and confident, they are going to perform better on the job. It's cyclical.

Providing a utility cart to warehouses, offices, and service workers says, "I recognize what you do here, and I want you to perform your tasks as well as you can." Giving your team the tools to work smarter (not harder) gets tasks done and makes them feel proud of what they've accomplished.

Case Study: John works for a popular retail store stocking shelves. He is required to carry merchandise from the back room to store shelves, which is a repetitive task that can take several hours. John feels as though this work is taxing, and he isn't able to perform in his role as well as he would like, leading to dread and a bad attitude surrounding work. Management provides John with an Original Tubstr 3 Shelf Utility Cart to load goods onto, cutting his trips to the back in half (if not more!). Giving John this service cart makes him work more quickly, earning recognition and praise from his supervisor. This directly affects John's mood and feeling of value, which is ultimately better for the retail company as a whole. John is able to stock shelves more quickly, providing more sellable goods to the consumer, bringing in more revenue overall.

Recognizing and Fulfilling Needs

Happy employees report having positive relationships with company management, where they feel heard and have their needs met whenever feasible. When employees feel their management wants to meet their needs, they are more positive about their role and their company or institution as a whole. Generally, employees want to feel heard, and managers want to feel approachable.

A lot of times, employee gripes or concerns are easier to fix (or at least address) than what meets the eye. For example, if employees often complain about outdated supplies or needing more time to complete tasks, a durable service cart can offer just the help they need.

Case Study: Carla is an English teacher at a public high school. Because the school is in the midst of being renovated, her classroom has been moved to a trailer in the school parking lot. Carla doesn't mind this, except for the fact that there's not enough room to store all the supplies she needs to teach 3 different grade levels. She finds herself having to use her lunch break to go back and forth from her trailer to the English department supply closet to load up on textbooks and other reading materials. This is frustrating for her, especially because the cart she has to use is cheap and falling apart. Recognizing this, the school provides Carla with an Original Tubstr Compact Service Cart that can be loaded up and stored in a small space. It's also much more durable and easily handles the trek across the asphalt parking lot to her temporary classroom. Carla is appreciative and feels as though her needs are met, making her overall more positive and eager to teach her students. Plus, she gets to actually enjoy her lunch break. 

Going Above and Beyond Out of Office

Many employees take the ethics and mission of the company they work for into serious consideration. Millennials, who will soon make up half of the workforce, especially prioritize their office's values, looking especially for compassion and attention to individual needs. It makes sense: millennials (myself included; hi!) were raised to think we could do anything, and we want our workplace to give us that jolt of energy and care to go forth and conquer. That extends beyond just the normal 9-5. 

Employee satisfaction increases when individuals feel respected and cared for beyond their company role. Examples of this include acknowledging birthdays and major life events (weddings, the birth of a child, etc.) and taking a genuine interest in what's going on out of office. How does a utility cart fit in? Easy! Use it as a tool to offer employees any time they need to be mobile. Moving cubicles? Borrow the office Tubstr to easily relocate your things! Last week in the office before maternity leave starts? Please let us take your belongings to your car; the Tubstr can help us do it one trip! Anything that says, "Hey, we care" will leave employees feeling apart of the family. After all, you see these people more often than some of your relatives.

Case Study: Larry mentions at the water cooler that he's moving into a new house in the next few weeks. His manager offers him the Original Tubstr Collapsible Three Shelf Utility Cart to help take heavy boxes from the moving truck to his new front door. Larry gladly takes his manager up on the offer. Thankfully this cart folds, so Larry is able to easily transport it in his car. Larry's moving day goes better than expected; the Collapsible Wire Cart is super helpful! Larry thought it was really kind of his manager to think of him and offer help outside of work. Because of this, Larry feels more positively toward his manager, which extends to his workplace as a whole.

So with that in mind, delight your team with an Original Tubstr Utility Cart! Click HERE to check out all of our service carts and compatible accessories.

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